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The subway Surfers tile gets its name from white glazed tiles used in subway stations in the 20th century. Usually, this rectangular subway tile is the great option to decorate your home and exterior, especially for kitchen and bathroom.

Here are 3 amazing reasons, why you must pick these tiles to decorate your home:

1. One Tile That Fits All

The main benefit of using subway surfers game tiles is its simplicity. The tile is rectangular in shape and very simple in design. This is why it is compatible with most interior and architecture. Darker tones are preferred in the bathrooms & outdoors while lighter tones are preferred indoors and in kitchens. It is not always compulsory to position them in a traditional way, you can also position them vertically or in any other nontraditional manner.

It can match and complement almost every design to spice up the look of your home.

2. Backdrop Savior

Game subway surf tiles provide the perfect solution for decorating a backdrop. Whether it be a cabinet, mirror, window or a painting, subway tiles will enhance the look and feel of your belongings. White glazed tiles offer a great solution for this. With other tones, you can add visual interest in your house. It is not compulsory to install subway tiles on the whole wall. You can install them in a square pattern, and place the object you want to highlight on top of tiles.

Combined with latest 3-D printing technologies, you can have a pretty good combination to amp up your house.

3. Mix and Match

You can use subway surf game tiles as standalone tiles. But if you want something more, you can try to mix different shades & tones of tiles on different walls. You can also try retro and modern combination, by matching. Really there are unlimited ways to decorate your interior and exterior. Just take an inspiration, and create your own art.

You can create textural interest by complementing objects around the site. You can also try contrasting, but don't go too extreme.

There are many opportunities with these tiles, you can use them to give the traditional or retro look to your house. While they are widely used in kitchens and bathrooms to give them a rich feel. These tiles can indeed give your home an artistic look and feel. But don't forget to explore beyond traditional monochromatic tiles & designs.